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My sense is that Lazar will still be a Senator heading into the playoffs

I¡¯m not sure what ¡°asking for a lot¡± means, as a 1st round pick would constitute a lot in my opinion, but maybe they¡¯re asking for a 1st plus another prospect. We just don¡¯t know. But considering how little of an effect Lazar has had in the bottom six and the fact that Ottawa has only four picks in the upcoming draft, I would look to acquire a pick for him.

I could see a 2nd round pick happening, although Ottawa is probably asking for more at this point. I would not be surprised if there are a few teams that value him more than that, but I won¡¯t get my hopes up for a great return, or for any return at all.

My sense is that Lazar will still be a Senator heading into the playoffs, just because they are afraid to prematurely give up on a player (especially a first round pick).

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to follow the rumours and see if Lazar is actually moved in the upcoming weeks before the March 1st Trade Deadline.
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What¡¯s really not debatable, however, is that the way the Bruins are handling this termination is embarrassing.

Jerome Bettis Game Jersey Issuing the news via Twitter is fine, as it¡¯s just how things work today.

However, here¡¯s the Bruins¡¯ website homepage as of 8:30 AM:

Hmmmm…it seems like there¡¯s something missing!

Also, the news was dropped on the morning where all of New England is focused on celebrating the Patriots¡¯ fifth Super Bowl win, with a rolling rally through the streets of Boston set for this morning.