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Miami would love to trade up for Saquon Barkley or Baker Mayfield, but they don’t want to give up their second rounder to do it.

The Raiders are looking at offensive linemen, especially Kolton Miller. But if Smith is available here, they would gladly take him.

Instead, they’ll likely pass on a quarterback and get a top linebacker like Edmunds.

Denver uses the first of its two first-rounders (after the trade with Buffalo) on the athletic Boise State linebacker. If the Broncos trade down to No. 12 and Minkah Fitzpatrick is still on the board, they might flip spots with the Packers or Cardinals to get another mid-round pick.

18. Seahawks — Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa: Once overflowing with burgeoning talent in the secondary, Pete Carroll’s defense has entered a full-on rebuild amid the departure of Richard Sherman, among others. Seattle’s Cover 3 scheme would afford Jackson a role in which he could make lots of plays on the ball after he led the Football Bowl Subdivision with eight interceptions last year.

DJ Moore, WR, Maryland: After dispatching Dez Bryant, Dallas has a need at wide receiver too large to ignore. Moore thrives on creating separation and picking up yards after the catch on out routes and screens, which would be a boon for Dak Prescott. 

The Round 2 rankings feature a new clubhouse leader — one that opened the season at 200-1 odds — while the Sharks surge and the Predators plunge.

“I played one game, and the coaches didn’t like it,” Martin says now. “I’m a little more old-school: my play won’t be perfect the first game or two back, but I’ll work through it, get back into shape, and the ankle will start to feel better and instinct will take over. The coaches recommended I go down [to the AHL] if I wanted to play. It was tough to swallow at first. As an athlete, we’re often selfish and stubborn and we don’t see the big picture. I’m perfectly fine, I thought. Then it started to seep into my head, OK, maybe I’m not.”

Martin reported to the Sharks’ AHL affiliate, the Barracuda. At age 36, the 13-year NHL veteran was making his minor league debut. He was at least a decade older than all but two of his AHL teammates. (The average age of the defensive group was 22.14.) He took a bus trip for the first time since … well, he can’t quite remember. Martin also flew economy. On his first trip, he got an A boarding group in Southwest; after that he wasn’t so lucky.canucks_678